The Collaboration

by Alex Wisser

No People

This work was made for the first show I ever curated.  The show was called No People and you can read the curator’s statement here.

Artist Statement for “The Collaboration”:

Someone designed the pattern on this wall.  Someone painted it.  Someone planted these trees.  Someone decided what kind of trees and how they should be placed.  The trees grew up, perhaps with some care from someone else, but on the whole the shape of the trees and their size was not the product of any human decision.  Someone painted the yellow lines.  Someone else arranged and laid them out, according to building codes and conventions of practice developed elsewhere by other people.  No one decided to introduce cracks into the bitumen and the shape and arrangement of those cracks were the product of the obscure rules of nature and physics that determine such things.  Someone decided to paint the cracks with some repairing agent that is fresher and thus more black than the surrounding bitumen.  I made the photo.